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Brand from Japan
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In the flurry of urban life, the pleasant clatter of the geta evokes a feeling of peace and tranquility. Geta, traditional Japanese thong sandals with elevated wooden bases, are unique to Japanese aesthetics and fashion. They can be worn not only with traditional Japanese clothing, but also as stylish and comfortable modern footwear for casual and formal occasions. It is even said that geta is good for one's health, as they help stimulate the feet.

Based in Shizuoka, Japan, Mizutori has a long heritage of geta craftsmanship dating back 70 years. Every geta is expertly handcrafted in Japan with high-quality woods and fabrics and shaped to maximize comfort. Mizutori is not just a bearer of tradition, but a leader in fashion innovation. Their simple, yet exotic shoe designs beautifully combine traditional and contemporary styles, bringing the geta to a new generation of trendy young Japanese. Mizutori's signature model, the "Geta-Monogatari", is particularly suited to the health-conscious. The geta strap stimulates the point between a person's big toe and second toe called "kokan", helping improve the function of internal organs, and bringing a sense of relaxation and calm.

Recently, Mizutori collaborated with famous artist Kodue Hibino to create the hinoki-hakimono line, which features a revolutionary new Hinoki white cedar design. Artful and understated, Mizutori geta is a respected and recognized name in Japan and can be found in leading department stores throughout the country.

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