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  • Dr. Hauschka获得6位顾客的好评以及100%顾客满意度。
Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka

Skincare brand Dr. Hauschka takes a unique approach towards creating products that alleviate and provide therapeutic benefits to balance the body's equilibrium and achieve good health. Guided by a unique system of medicine called Anthroposophical medicine, this concept believes that imbalances in life processes can be restored through medicines made from plants and herbs. By understanding how these plant essences work with the body's physical and spiritual processes, Dr. Hauschka products may help in restoring internal harmony and balance. Among the plant extracts used in their formulations are chamomile, calendula, anthyllis and witch hazel, which heals, invigorates, and revitalizes the skin.
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  • Dr. Hauschka - Lipstick Novum - # 10 (Laid Black Apricot) Dr. Hauschka - Lipstick Novum - # 10 (Laid Black Apricot) HK$ 212.03 0.07oz , 2g
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