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  • 千萬小店獲得51位顧客的好評以及89.4%顧客滿意度。

千萬小店 - 修身九分褲

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HK$ 106.33
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HK$ 45.57
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  • 尺碼須知 (看詳情):
    28: 腰圍: 70cm, 臀圍: 90cm, 脾圍: 53.2cm, 腳口: 29.2cm, 前浪: 25cm, 後浪: 33.6cm, 長度: 103cm,
    29: 腰圍: 73.4cm, 臀圍: 92.6cm, 脾圍: 54.6cm, 腳口: 30.2cm, 前浪: 25.4cm, 後浪: 34.1cm, 長度: 103cm,
    30: 腰圍: 76cm, 臀圍: 95.2cm, 脾圍: 56cm, 腳口: 31.2cm, 前浪: 25.9cm, 後浪: 34.6cm, 長度: 104cm,
    31: 腰圍: 79cm, 臀圍: 97.6cm, 脾圍: 57.2cm, 腳口: 32cm, 前浪: 26.4cm, 後浪: 35.1cm, 長度: 104cm,
    32: 腰圍: 81.6cm, 臀圍: 100.2cm, 脾圍: 58.4cm, 腳口: 33cm, 前浪: 26.8cm, 後浪: 35.6cm, 長度: 106cm,
    33: 腰圍: 84cm, 臀圍: 103cm, 脾圍: 59.8cm, 腳口: 34cm, 前浪: 27.3cm, 後浪: 36cm, 長度: 106cm,
    34: 腰圍: 86.4cm, 臀圍: 105.4cm, 脾圍: 61cm, 腳口: 35cm, 前浪: 27.7cm, 後浪: 36.4cm, 長度: 106cm,
    36: 腰圍: 93.6cm, 臀圍: 110.4cm, 脾圍: 63.6cm, 腳口: 37cm, 前浪: 28.2cm, 後浪: 37cm, 長度: 108cm,
    單位轉換器 厘米(cm) = 英寸(inch)


成分:98%棉, 2%氨綸
洗滌方式:手洗, 機洗


  • 尺寸可能有2厘米至4厘米差別,視乎你的量度方式和標準而異。 (為什麼﹖)
  • 此時裝品牌旗下的貨品由眾多獨立供應商及設計師採購而來。因此,這些貨品的標籤可能顯示不同的品牌名稱。
  • 圖像只供參考。由於電腦螢光幕的設定關係,實際的產品顏色可能有所不同。




  • 4.5
    9 個評論
  • 5
  • 100% 顧客滿意此產品 (看詳情)

very good pants

bought a size up from what I needed and fits perfect, I would suggest everyone to do the same. good quality for the price, highly recommend

Best cropped pants.

These are the best cropped pants for the price. They're comfortable and slim. Kaleido is a great brand, so I hope they come out with different shades of blues, grays, and other colors.

Great pants

This is already my second time buying these pants. would love to get another one without hesitation.
fitting was great, quality was better than expected.

Fit perfectly & Great Quality

Fit exactly as expected, and the quality is great. Make sure to measure your body size to get proper measurements.

1 位顧客之中有 1 人認為此評論有幫助

Fit perfectly & Great Quality

Fit exactly as I expected. Make sure to measure you body size. I am on the 'smaller' American size, and fit the Asian body type, so for the more average Americans, you may want to go one size up.

For the price they fit

Great fit a little bit annoyed with the quality of the material but for the price it's great and work really well with the fitime and cut.

Nice pants

Also these pants have been complimented by many friends a lot. Which is very convenient.


Great fit. Nice colour. It fits a lot of clothing which is very nice.


give a unique look but the problem is the stitching? use orange to stick the back pockets and yellow above the waistline? not very descreet, so do not wear with a tucked in shirt, anything below the stitching is good. happy with the buy.

1 位顧客之中有 1 人認為此評論有幫助

Nice cut and color, but still a little long

This is my first time having cropped pants (the other set i got are much shorter) and these still feel a bit long to be considered cropped. If they were shortened by about 1 - 1.5 inches more, they would be perfect. Also, at the very top trim, there is a bright yellow 'braided' stitch all around the circumference of the waist which starkly contrasts the rest of the pants (i got the black ones). It shows up above the belt line, which means I won't be able to wear a silver belt buckle if I tuck my shirt in, unless i remove the braid stitch, or color it black.

But I do like the slim fitted look and the black is spot on!


Everything was good, but for some reason the material attracts an abundant amount of lint every time I wear it. You'd have to continuously use a lint remover every day.


千萬小店 暢銷產品

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