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2,942 92.3%
  • JVL獲得2,942位顧客的好評以及92.3%顧客滿意度。

JVL - 套裝: 飾骷髏頭紐扣後開衩毛衣 + 雪紡襯衫

| 74% 顧客對此產品感滿意 | 92 個評論
YesStyle 價
HK$ 74.01
4.9% Off
HK$ 3.89
HK$ 77.90
黑白色 - 均碼 (尺碼資料)*
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價格顏色 / 尺碼備貨時間
HK$ 74.01 黑白色 - 均碼 24小時
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今週限定 優惠至2017年2月26日
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白領時裝 快閃優惠五折




成分:雪紡 + 針織棉混紡
洗滌方式:手洗, 機洗


  • 尺寸可能有2厘米至4厘米差別,視乎你的量度方式和標準而異。 (為什麼﹖)
  • 此時裝品牌旗下的貨品由眾多獨立供應商及設計師採購而來。因此,這些貨品的標籤可能顯示不同的品牌名稱。
  • 圖像只供參考。由於電腦螢光幕的設定關係,實際的產品顏色可能有所不同。




  • 3.6
    92 個評論
  • 30
  • 74% 顧客滿意此產品 (看詳情)

Love it

This product have a mixed review from bad to good, but I think it is pretty good. It came in exactly like the picture and it looks good from back to front.


The quality of the sweater is really nice and the only little disappointing about it is the slit at the back which is not exactly on the picture. The skulls are adorable. Overall, it is beautiful.

Awesome and comfy

I really like this sweater, it's as you can see in the pictures.
The fabric is soft so it isn't "itchy" as wool can be. (That's a great thing for me, because my skin tends to get irritated really easyly).
I'm 161 cm and it fits perfectly, it's not too loose nor too tight.

The only "but" is that the skulls on the elbows are a little stiff at the begining, but it gets better as you use it.

Brilliant set

This is one of my favourite sweaters. The insert blouse is so cute and as it is sheer perfect for when it gets a lil bit warmer.

The main sweater is lovely made and works perfectly with the insert. Nice loose fitting , the cute patches in the elbow are adorable !

I personally would not wear the sheer blouse on its own as it is very sheer.

So cute

It's just like pic except it's sewn up so nothing a seam ripper can't fix. Pieces are loose so can accommodate multiple sizes.

Great fit, even on a tall girl

I'm 170cm and slim, and this fit nicely! The sweater is warm and cozy, and the material comfortable.

love love

omg, this two piece is so super cute, i love quality, recommendable :)

Trust the reviews !!

I saw lots of positive reviews for this product so I was really looking forward for this. It certainly meets my expectation and look exactly like the pictures. This sweater also makes me look skinnier~~

really nice sweater

Bought a pair of leggings to match this sweater. Completed the look when I put it together with a pair of boots. One thing though is that near my right arm a string was getting loose.... I hope it doesn't cause a hole in the sweater. Maybe there is something wrong with the sewing or it could be the fabric....At first sight I thought the inner black layer was attached and sewed together with the sweater but it turns out its two separate articles of clothing. Wished it was sewn together though, would be more convenient

Love it!

I'm 5ft7" and was a little worried that it would be too short. Thankfully it fits really well and the elbow pad-skulls and the unusual back make it stand out. I've gotten a lot of compliments whilst wearing it. My only concern was how to wash it as there are no instructions on the tag, but I just hand-washed it to be safe.


JVL 暢銷產品

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